Research Grant Program

Responsibilities of Investigators

Awarded Funds



Expenditures must be made within the categories outlined in the application. The investigator may shift up to 10% of the budget from one category to another; more extensive re-budgeting requires the consent of the Research Committee. The Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Research Program will not cover over-expenditure of the award.


Surplus Funds

All funds uncommitted at the end of the award period shall be returned to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital so that they may be redistributed.


Progress Report

Recipients of funds will be expected to submit a progress report at the end of the award period, including a summary of work completed, an accounting of the use of funds, and a listing of any publications resulting from the project


Research Grant Program Information

Application Information

Application Instructions

Investigator Responsibilities

Grant Program Committee

Application Cover Page

For more information, please contact:

Betsy K. Lazarine, Ph.D.
Research Administrator
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
(805) 569-7436


Any publication generated by this program that received funds from the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Research Program should include the following statement: “This research project was supported by a grant from Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara, California.” Publications appearing after submission of the progress report should be made available to the Research Committee.


Funding Period Extension

If a research project cannot be completed during the one-year funding period, the investigator may request an extension of up to twelve months. No additional funding will be provided. The investigator should submit a written request for an extension to the Research Program stating the reasons for the delay of the project.


Supplemental Funding

It is the policy of the Research Committee not to cover overexpenditures on grants. If, however, there is an unforeseen, legitimate reason for supplemental funding, up to $2,000, it will be considered. The investigator should submit a detailed written request, and justification, for supplemental funding to the Research Administrator giving a full explanation of why these funds are needed.