Research Grant Program


The Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Research Grant Program promotes educational activities about medical research and facilitates quality medical research by providing financial and grant preparation support for proposed research projects affiliated with Cottage Health System. It is also our mission to educate the medical and scientific community on:

  • the latest clinical medical research
  • the basic science and principles of emerging technology
  • the newest medical instrumentation and commercial pharmaceutical development

By educating and supporting the biomedical community, we hope to ensure a healthier future through research.


Program Overview

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital’s active research program has a base endowment of $2.4 million. Since the program’s inception in 1986, 156 research proposals have been accepted and funded.


The Research Program was established to encourage research by health professionals at Cottage, and was later expanded to include biomedical research conducted by other scientists within the community. Our program can provide funding of up to $15,000 for innovative new ideas and small research projects. The program gives priority to projects requiring "seed money" for initiating or continuing research for which additional funding from other sources will subsequently be sought. Criteria for funding include significance, scientific merit, probability of successful completion, and potential for obtaining extramural continuation of funding.



Research Grant Program Information

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Contact Information

For more information on the Research Grant Program, please contact the Cottage Hospital Office of Research.


Mailing Address:

Office of Research

Santa Barbara
Cottage Hospital

P.O. Box 689

Santa Barbara, CA 93102


Phone: (805) 569-7436
FAX: (805) 569-7440


Clinical Research

Institutional Review Board

Any health professional affiliated with the Cottage Health System is eligible to submit an application for funding. Health professionals or scientists not affiliated with Cottage are eligible to submit grant proposals to the Research Program, however, a Cottage-affiliated health professional must collaborate on the proposal and the research must be performed locally


The Research Committee, in cooperation with the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), has established an annual Special Research Award to support especially meritorious medically-oriented research studies. The fall of 2013 marked the 20th year that the jointly funded Special Research Awards have been awarded.



Research Grant Program Committee

Mark Bookspan, MD, Chair
Daniel Berger, MD
Karen DaSilva, MD
Patrick Daugherty, PhD
Philip Delio, MD
Stuart Feinstein, PhD

Lisa Ferrigno, MD


Bindu Kamal, MD

Betsy Lazarine, PhD*

Fima Lifshitz, MD
Gregg Newman, MD
Subhash Reddy, MD
Timothy Spiegel, MD, MPH
Edmund Wroblewski, MD*


*Ex Officio