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The New Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Construction Facts


Size of construction:
   Existing hospital = 480,000 square feet
   New construction being added =  370,000 SF
   Total size at completion = 710,000  SF

Number of workers:
    Currently have about 200 workers on site.
    Expect to reach 350 workers at peak.
General Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Architect: Lee, Burkhart, Liu (LBL)

Subcontractors: Total of 38 subcontractors.

Major subcontractors include:
   Shoring Engineers, Shoring and Excavation
   SASCO Electrical Contractors
   Murray Company Mechanical Contractors
   The Herrick Corporation (Structural Steel)
   Letner Roofing and Waterproofing Co.




Facts About Phase IV:

which includes the two patient pavilions, diagnostic & treatment center, and new main entrance 

  • Cubic Yards of Excavation = 25,000
  • Cubic Yards of Rock Removal = 10,000
  • Cubic Yards of Concrete =  21,000 cy (2,333 truckloads); 15,000 c.y. in the footings alone
  • Pounds of Concrete = 81,900,000 lbs (40,950 Tons). Roughly equals the weight of the Lincoln Memorial!
  • Pounds of Reinforcing Steel =  5,200,000 lbs (2,600 Tons), or ore than 30 space shuttles!
  • Pounds of Structural Steel = 9,752,000 lbs (4,876 Tons), or  more than 800 adult elephants!
  • Total number of Doors = 1,327 
  • Lineal Footage of Partitions = 47,170 lf (8.9 miles)
  • Square Footage of Drywall = 1,516,000 square feet, or more than 34 acres
  • Plumbing Fixtures (sinks, water closets, showers) - 1,200 of each
  • Electrical Receptacles = 8,000
  • Lineal Footage of Piping = 260,000 l.f. (50 miles), or the distance to Ventura and back
  • Pounds of Ductwork = 750,000 lbs (375 Tons), or more than 250 Nissan Altimas
  • Lineal Footage of Wiring = 1,144,000 l.f. (216 miles), or about the distance to Los Angeles and back, with a side trip to Buellton


  The demolition of a former parking structure to make way for the new hospital resulted in 15,000 tons of crushed concrete that was then reused to form part of the foundation for the new structures.  All together, 90 percent of the demolished structure materials were kept out of landfills through recycled uses.


View the construction progress on our live webcam.