Externship Rotation Information

The General Surgery Externship appointment is for four weeks. Due to the individualized attention afforded each extern, we accept only a limited number of students at any one time.


Download Application form (PDF) (updated 6/11)




Only students in their final year of medical school are eligible.


Letters of recommendation from:

  a. Dean of the medical school (i.e. good academic standing and school recognition of externship as an approved part of training); and
  b. One faculty member
3. Evidence of malpractice insurance coverage
4. Cirriculum Vitae
5. Transcripts



Externs in General Surgery are assigned to the teaching service and work closely with the resident staff, particularly inpatient care activities in the academic program. The Chief Resident in Surgery runs the teaching service under the supervision of the Director of Surgical Education.  

Patient work-ups as assigned by the chief resident.


Scrubbing on patients for whom work-ups have been done as well as other interesting operative procedures.

3. There are five teaching conferences with required attendance:
  a. Wednesday morning: M & M, Surgical Grand Rounds, Resident Teaching Conference
  b. Friday morning: Basic Science
4. The outpatient general surgical clinic is held twice weekly on Tuesdays. Externs attend these clinics and may also attend the gynecology and orthopedic clinics.
5. The emergency room is staffed full time and is busy. Students see these patients with the residents.
6. Externs participate in morning and afternoon work rounds with the staff.


Room and Board

1. Meal tickets are provided for use at the hospital cafeteria, cafe, and coffee cart. In addition, breakfast is provided at morning teaching conferences.
2. Rooms are available free of charge for one month. Housing is reserved on a first-come basis, at the time of receipt of the extern's application.



There is an excellent medical library with free copying and computer privileges for residents and students.



Performance will be submitted to the dean of the extern's medical school following completion of the externship.


Please send completed applications or requests for more information to:


Jennie Almeida
Surgical Education Coordinator

Surgical Education
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
P.O. Box 689
Santa Barbara, California, 93102
(805) 569-7316
Fax: (805) 569-7317
E-mail: jalmeida@sbch.org