Stephen & Toni Haselton give $3 million to help Cottage reach Campaign goal


January 22, 2009 The fundraising Campaign to rebuild Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital has received a second substantial gift from Montecito residents Stephen & Toni Haselton for $3 million.


This recent Haselton donation comes at the close of the not-for-profit hospital's largest fundraising effort ever-a five-year drive to raise $100 million to support the rebuilding of the largest acute-care hospital on the California coast between Los Angeles and the Bay Area.


The Haseltons' $3 million commitment represents the "capstone" gift that will allow Cottage to meet and exceed its $100 million Campaign fundraising goal.


"We have a tremendous amount of confidence in Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, and we are very proud to be associated with the hospital and its caregiving team," the Haseltons explained. "It was very important to us to structure a significant commitment that would help the hospital reach and exceed its $100 million Campaign goal."


"This is an incredibly generous and important gift from Stephen and Toni Haselton, one that will serve as the capstone to a community-wide campaign to rebuild Cottage Hospital," said Ron Werft, president and chief executive officer of Cottage Health System. "On behalf of the Cottage Health System Board of Directors, I want to express my gratitude for their philanthropic spirit and belief in our mission."


Since the Campaign's launch in 2004, the Haseltons have made pledges that total more than $5.5 million. In early 2007, the Haseltons made their first gift to the Campaign for $2.5 million. In honor of this gift, the new neonatal intensive care unit at Cottage Children's Hospital will be named after two of the Haseltons' grandchildren, Fiona and Sarah Haselton.
Cottage Children's Hospital, which will be located on the third floor of the new Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, will include all specialized pediatric units, and it will be adjacent to Women's Services.

Along with their generous Campaign gifts, the Haseltons also have created a fund to support the special needs of families whose children are being cared for at Cottage Children's Hospital.