Specialized Programs


CRH offers specialized programs and services for:

Stroke Rehabilitation


Patients with stroke benefit from quality medical rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can restore maximal function and independence while it helps the patient, family, friends and caregivers cope with the medical and psychological consequences of disability.


The CARF-accredited Stroke Speciality Program is led by a physician specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation. He or she directs a transdisciplinary team of dedicated professionals who work together with the patient to achieve the highest possible level of independent functioning. A physician specialist in internal medicine attends to the patient's general medical needs, optimizing his or her potential for recovery of function.


Rehabilitation services are provided based on patients' needs and goals. As patients' endurance and skills grow, additional services may be offered. For example, patients may have therapy provided in a community setting, practicing skills they will need at discharge such as grocery shopping, using public transportation, or going to a bank.


Patients often continue to build on their rehabilitation gains in the continuum of care provided through CRH’s Keck Center for Outpatient Services.