Phones are in all patient care rooms. Callers may reach patients by calling (805) 687-7444 and asking for the patient’s room number. Local calls can be placed by dialing 9 before the number. Long-distance calls may be made with calling cards.

CRH asks patients to limit incoming and outgoing calls between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to minimize disruptions during treatments.

Cell phones should be used only during times and in areas where conversations will not disrupt others. Cell phones are not to be used during therapy or in the therapy gym.

Hospital Phone Numbers
  Admissions      82204
  Barber / Beauty Shop      82183
  Case Management   82288
  Charge Nurse On Duty      729-5550
  Clinical Liaison      82299
  Coast Caregiver Resource Center    962-3600
  Education      82111
  Lobby/Reception   82338
  Patient Library   82105
  Therapy Services   82310
  Security (4 pm-8 am)      451-0837
  Tuohy Aquatic Center   82552
  Volunteer Services   82102