Critical Care

The Critical Care Unit at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital cares for critically ill patients who require intensive monitoring or diagnosis. As an eight-bed CCU in a small community hospital, we can provide our patients with excellent and expert personalized care. As part of Cottage Health System, we always have access to Cottage's extensive network of medical resources.


Our size facilitates communication among our departments and staff. The CCU is staffed by physicians from all specialties, specially trained Critical Care nurses, and the full range of ancillary services.


 Praise from a patient's family:

"Due to the great commitment of your ICU staff, my son survived [his illness]. We felt very safe at your hospital. I never had the feeling that he would have been better off in a larger intensive care. Medical situations were handled according to the latest state-of-the-art and evidence-based medicine."


Call the Critical Care Unit at (805) 681-6428.