Cottage and St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital Sign Partnership Agreement for Subacute Services


February 2014 --  GVCH and St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital (SJPVH), a member of Dignity Health, have signed a partnership agreement to offer additional subacute residential beds and services at SJPVH in Camarillo.


The subacute facility at SJPVH will expand to meet the needs of residents from Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital (GVCH) and elsewhere.  The facility will provide an optimal living environment with easy access to outdoor space, onsite gardens and patios, and safe thoroughfares for residents and families to navigate the facility and grounds. Read more >>


Subacute Care

The Subacute Unit at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital is a 40-bed skilled nursing facility licensed by the California Department of Health Services. The facility meets the needs of a special patient population that has complex care needs as a result of a catastrophic trauma or illness.

Essential to our mission and vision are the core values that form the foundation of who we are:  excellence, integrity, and compassion. We treat all our residents with courtesy and respect.

As part of Cottage Health System, our mission is to care for patients who are ill, but stable. Our unit has been in operation for over 10 years, and some of the staff members have been with the unit since its inception.  We have capacity for up to 35 residents needing subacute level of care, including patients who have tracheostomies and may be on ventilators, patients with feeding tubes, and patients who are compromised in two or more activities of daily living. 


Our medical directors are Dr. Todd A. Fearer, MD, and Dr. Babji P. Mesipam, MD. All residents are seen by their physicians once a week and whenever emergencies occur. Specialists are available with a primary MD order and a podiatrist sees residents quarterly. Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy Services evaluate residents and provide the services ordered by their physician. Pharmacy Services are provided by Pharamerica.

The Nature of Subacute Care

Subacute care is generally more intensive than traditional nursing facility care and less intensive than acute care. Subacute care bridges the gap between acute care and skilled nursing care by providing each resident the most appropriate care for his or her condition.


Subacute patients have complex medical and rehabilitative needs and require special services, such as ventilators, inhalation therapy, tracheotomy care, intravenous therapy, and complex wound management care.

The primary goal of the unit is rehabilitation if possible, with discharge or transfer to a lower level of care. Those who are not candidates for rehabilitation remain on the unit for supportive care.


Patients eligible for subacute care have tracheotomies, feeding tubes, and/or are ventilator-dependent. The most frequent diagnoses are amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), cerebrovascular accident (CVA), quadriplegia, Guillan-Barre Syndrome, and significant brain injury resulting from trauma, anoxia, disease, and drugs. Respiratory disorders include Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Atopic Respiratory Disease (ARD), and post-surgical inability to wean from ventilator.


The members of our staff are special, caring people who work together as a team to provide expert care that is also compassionate, kind, comforting, and reassuring.  We help our residents achieve the highest level of physical, social, and emotional recovery possible.  We know our residents well and develop individualized programs to meet each resident’s needs and abilities.

Expert staff address individual needs

Care is provided using a team approach. Each resident and family is unique, and our team of professionals is here to support both the resident and his or her family.  The care and caring of our staff is unparalleled. 


Our licensed nurses (RNs and LVNs) administer treatments and drugs for a group of eight patients or residents.  The nurses work with a team of certified nurse assistants (CNA) who provide direct care.  In addition, we have respiratory therapists on duty around the clock.  Our staffing is above average for this kind of unit.  All the disciplines meet as a team with the physician once a month to discuss care for and progress of each resident; relatives and loved ones of the residents are invited and encouraged to participate.


Our unit has a vigorous Activity Program which includes group and individual activities, holiday celebrations, and outings. We have a Resident Council and two family support groups that meet monthly and you will receive written notices for the meeting times. 


Visiting hours are generally from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.  This allows our residents much needed quiet time for rest and adequate time for their care.

You may contact the Clinical Manager of Subacute Care at (805) 681-6455.





Contact Subacute Care at (805) 681-6455.