Patient Security


Cottage Health System has increased its security in a number of ways in an effort to provide the safest possible environment for our patients, employees, physicians, and volunteers. Our view is that our responsibility for patient safety begins at the front door.


When visiting the hospital, you will be asked at the front desk to identify yourself, and to indicate whether you are visiting a patient or coming for tests or treatment.  You will then be given a badge to wear as you proceed to enter the hospital. Greeters will be available to assist in obtaining badges and providing directions to the appropriate department or patient care unit.


Our goal is to continue to balance and support the accessibility to programs and services while assuring that patients are being treated in a safe, secure environment.  We believe that these changes are both necessary and important, and we ask for your understanding and support as we implement these security enhancements.


Patient Identification


Accurate patient identification is essential day and night so the medical and nursing staff can easily see who you are. While you are in the hospital please wear your plastic identification bracelet at all times. Make sure your nurse or caregiver verifies your identification before giving you any medicine or performing any tests or procedures.


Employee Identification


All hospital personnel must wear a picture ID badge at all times. If someone without a badge presents themselves as a hospital employee, notify your nurse immediately.