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Treatment Services, Hotlines and Websites


California Smoker's Helplines

 • English: (800) NO Butts  • Korean: (800) 556-5564  • Chinese: (800) 400-0866
 • Spanish: (800) 45-NO-FUME  • Vietnamese: (800) 778-8440  • TDD: (800) 933-4833
 • Tobacco Chewer's Helpline: (800) 844-CHEW    


One-on-one telephone counseling and self-help materials.


If you're ready to quit, a Helpline counselor can set up a quit plan that is right for you. An intake counselor will answer your first call and send you a packet of helpful information. The program provides information on arranging counseling sessions. A cessation counselor will return your call within 48 hours.


The Helpline program can provide you with the Certificate of Enrollment necessary to receive nicotine patches, nicotine gum, or Zyban through Medi-Cal. You will need to take the certificate, along with a prescription from your doctor, to the pharmacy.


Most of the help lines have specialized counseling for teens 14 and older.



American Lung Association

Literature and in-home materials on smoking and health, how to help a friend quit, smoking and teens, and referral

Cost: Varies

(800) LUNG USA

California Smoker's Helpline Website

Website service that helps people quit smoking, operated by the University of California, San Diego and funded by the Department of Health Services.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Youth issues regarding tobacco.

Clean Break

Six online learning sessions. Interactive homework with feedback. Individual telephone and e-mail Counseling.  One year unlimited access to site.  Ongoing maintenance support.

Cost: $149

(800) 318-5903

Freedom From Smoking On Line

Interactive course designed by the American Lung Association to educate and modify the behavior patterns of a smoker.

Health and Human Services

National quit line number, online advice and downloadable information.

(800) QUIT NOW


Advice from a professional counselor, tailored quit plan, quitting medication support and the help you'll need from other quitters.

Cost: Varies

Smokenders, Inc.

Behavior modification, smoke awareness.  Corporate and individual services.

Cost: Varies

(800) 828-4357