Healthcare Reform


What will reform do?

  • Require greater numbers of individuals either to carry health insurance or pay a penalty
  • Provide health coverage to greater numbers of low-income individuals through expanded Medicaid (MediCal in California) programs
  • Strengthen the nation’s healthcare system by reducing waste, fraud and abuse
  • Invest in technology that allows for encrypted exchange of patient health information among authorized providers
  • Encourage partnering opportunities between healthcare providers to use resources more effectively and expand the continuum of care before and after hospitalization
  • Introduce health insurance reform over the next several years that addresses:
    • Medicare drug discounts
    • Extended coverage for young adults
    • Small business tax credits
    • Pre-existing health conditions

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What is Cottage is doing?

  • Focusing on the quality of care we provide to our patients remains the most significant driver; establishing and reinforcing evidence-based protocols remains an essential part of that quality. See our Quality data here >>
  • Efficiency is key. Shorter lengths of stay reduce costs for everyone and future reimbursements will focus on value and effectiveness rather than volume.
  • We’re helping members of our medical staff with the technology expenses of establishing electronic health records (EHR) in their offices.
  • We will continue to review alignment opportunities with other providers in our communities so that together we can integrate the delivery of high-quality and cost-effective care to all patients.