Tips for Healthy Joints


  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet to help keep your bones strong and to control your weight.


  • Vitamin C and calcium are essential for healthy joints.


  • Recent studies show that Vitamin D is also important for healthy joints.


  • Practice good posture, especially when working at a computer or desk. Support your back when sitting.


  • Avoid heavy lifting, or protect your back with a lumbar support and your wrists with wrist supports.


  • Avoid repetitive tasks without adequate rest breaks.


  • Stay fit and keep your muscles strong. Talk to your doctor about appropriate exercise options for your joint health.


  • Wear supportive shoes and consider gel heel cushions. Avoid high heels.


  • Seek medical advice if pain is no longer easily managed with conservative treatments or if daily activities become more challenging.



Attend a Healthy Joint Living
or Joint Replacement class


To learn more: Call 855-366-7246 or visit the Orthopedics Center.



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Sep 2011