Building well. Being well.
The Campaign for the new Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital


During the next two years, the Goleta community will witness the creation of a new, state-of-the-art, 152,000 square-foot, two-story hospital. The new 52-bed Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital has an estimated cost of $120 million, and a goal to raise $14 million of that cost through community philanthropy. Working in partnership with Diane Wisby, vice president of Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital, Don Anderson and Bill Peeples serve as volunteer co-chairs of Building Well, Being Well: The Campaign for the new Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital.  

From left: Bill Peeples, Diane Wisby, Susan Deacon and Don Anderson.


Susan Deacon serves as co-chair of the 16-member campaign cabinet. We asked these key leaders to share their unique perspective of the project and fundraising campaign.



Why did you choose to volunteer for this challenge and commit yourself to this fundraising effort?

Don Anderson: There is no shortage of funding needs in the Santa Barbara area. But based on my knowledge as a former patient and Board member, there is none more deserving than Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital.


How do you think the new hospital will enhance the future of the Goleta Valley and the greater Santa Barbara region?

Bill Peeples: I envision the new Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital as a ‘gateway’ point of pride that assures local citizens that they can count on ‘medical excellence close to home’ thanks to Cottage Health System. The new hospital is an important investment for generations to come.


In your role as a co-chair, what surprises you most when telling people the GVCH story?

Susan Deacon: I am still surprised that many people do not know we are building a brand new hospital from the ground up! Architecturally, it is a beautiful design, uniquely echoing the traditions of the Goleta Valley, and it will be built to meet exacting seismic standards. It will be a wonderful local resource that will greatly expand the availability of medical care in our community. Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital offers a wide and robust range of care, and it is important for us to share that with the community.


Why is the design of the new Goleta Valley cottage hospital described as “patient-centered”?

Diane Wisby: The patient-centered design was a staff priority. They felt it was essential to design the structure and the systems so that, whenever possible, staff comes to the patient rather than having the patient move throughout the building for different services.


How does an expanded emergency department at the new hospital better meet the needs of a growing community?

Diane Wisby: There were three main drivers for the significant increase in Emergency Department capacity at GVCH. Santa Barbara is geographically isolated: When the 101 shuts down, gridlock ensues. Having adequate Emergency Department capacity at both hospitals ensures our ability to care for patients when these situations occur.


The second driver was the recognition that any significant future growth in our community would occur to the north.


And the final driver was UCSB’s long-range expansion plan. As the plan is implemented, there will be an increase in the number of students, faculty, families and visitors—all of whom may need emergency care at some time. GVCH is the closest hospital to the University, and the Emergency Department functions as its after-hours provider of student health services.


What other key services will be offered at the new hospital?

Diane Wisby: GVCH will retain its existing eight intensive care beds and services, and will increase its medical/surgical capacity to 44 beds in all private rooms.


The surgical department will increase from four to six surgery suites, and a dedicated endoscopy suite. The Center for Wound Management will continue its focus on limb salvage, and will expand from two to four hyperbaric oxygen chambers and from six to eight treatment rooms. Therapy Services space will be expanded to accommodate the increase in surgical volume. The Breast Care Center will continue to serve the needs of our community.


Diana Gray Miller / Photos By Glenn Dubock


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