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What patients say about our joint replacement program



 “Wonderful care, but I already knew that from my last visit at Cottage."

Raymond, Santa Barbara


 “Everyone was super—I was waited on like a king. I need to have my other knee done and won’t hesitate to have it done. The PACU nurse was attentive and so kind."

Paul, Santa Barbara


“Best hospital experience I ever had. All staff kind and efficient. Couldn’t have had a better experience. [Nurse] was wonderful. She ordered oatmeal cookies for my family.”

Jan, Visalia


“Great experience. Everyone was good, nice, attentive, and understanding. I liked the fact that I could order food when I wanted and able to make selections.”

Burton, Buellton


 “Nurses were fantastic. Very impressed. Everybody was wonderful. Liked the food service, menu options and quality of food.

Susan, Solvang


 “Great experience. All staff wonderful and fabulous.  They were on top of things. [The] student nurse was excellent. She had of way of making me comfortable. I liked the fact that I was awake and able to watch the whole surgery.”

Geraldine, Santa Ynez


“Good experience. I was really impressed. Nurses were friendly and responsive. The senior people were terrific. I liked the intercom system. Good communication and my needs were taken care of. Food was outstanding-better than a hotel.”

John, Santa Barbara


“Absolutely wonderful experience. Sweetest nurses. They were nice, helpful and attentive.”

Felicia, Santa Barbara


“Excellent stay. Everything was very good. It was almost like staying at a hotel.”

May, Carpinteria


“Wonderful experience. Staff was awesome. Nurses great. I liked the fact that I had a private room.”

Meredith, Santa Barbara


“Incredible hospital experience. I need my other knee done. I was hesitant about that but now eager to have it.”

Pamela, Santa Barbara


“Really nice visit. All professional; I didn't want to leave.”

Michael, Buellton


“Wonderful hospital experience-I couldn't have asked for better. Nurses were very caring, prompt, and sweet.”

Jane, Santa Barbara


“Amazing experience. I have never been in a hospital where it was like a 4-Star hotel. Everyone was so sweet.”

Andrea, Santa Barbara


“Excellent experience. I rarely had to ask for anything. The nurses were always asking me if I needed anything."

M. H., Lompoc


“Wonderful experience. I can't thank you enough. It was amazing. All the nurses, PCTs, PT, and OT were wonderful.”

Jane, Santa Barbara


“Awesome experience. People were great, knowledgeable, and upbeat. Everything was positive. I would have stayed longer if I didn't have help at home.”

Jacqueline, Carpinteria


“Very thankful to have been at Cottage. Nurses were kind and professional; concerned about my comfort.”

William, Lake Isabella


“Very nice experience; I couldn't have asked for more. Everybody wonderful.”

Carol, Santa Barbara


“Great experience. Everybody was wonderful-every nurse, PCT, and even the lab techs were fantastic.

Charyl, Santa Ynez


“I was very happy with everyone and the care. Nurses were excellent, very cheerful, polite, sweet, and helpful.”

Phillip, Ojai


“Wonderful hospital stay. All the nurses were fantastic.”

MaryAnn, Buellton


“Hospital stay fine-couldn't have been nicer.”

Susan, Santa Ynez


“Hospital stay was excellent. All the nurses were professional. Food was good.”

Terence, Lompoc



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