Visiting Hours & Information

Visiting hours are from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m.


Visitors and patients must enter the hospital through the main entrance. See map.


All patients and visitors will be will be asked for identifcation and the reason for entering the hospital, and will be given a badge that must be worn when in the hospital.

Badges are good for only one day, so repeat visitors must check in for a new badge.  Greeters are available to assist in obtaining badges and providing directions to the appropriate department or patient care unit.

Please remember that the person you are visiting is in the hospital for treatment, rest, and recovery. Keep your visit brief and quiet. Be positive, encouraging, and cheerful. Thank you!


  • In the best interest of the patient, no more than two visitors per patient are allowed at any one time. Nursing and other hospital staff may restrict visitors and visiting hours at any time.
  • When appropriate and approved by the charge nurse, overnight stays are permitted in single rooms.
  • Children under 14 may only visit patients who are immediate family members (parents, grandparents, siblings) and must be under the direct supervision of an adult other than the patient.
  • If an outbreak of a communicable disease occurs within the community, visitations may be restricted.