Teaching Conferences and Rounds


Monday  through  Friday
0800  --  ICU Rounds
Every morning, the ICU junior/intern presents all ICU patients. Dr. Gauvin or Dr. Thoman will be present.  Attendance is mandatory unless in operating room or clinic.


0700-0800  --  Morbidity & Mortality Conference
The M&Ms for each month are presented. Interns and juniors supply their senior resident with a list of their cases.


0800-0900  --  Surgical Grand Rounds


  • First Wednesday of the month: Tumor Board
    A multidisciplinary conference involving Surgery, Radiology, and Pathology. The assigned residents will present a case and discussion.
  • Last Wednesday of the month: GI Conference
    An up-to-date evidence-based lecture on a topic involving the gastrointestinal system. The assigned residents will present a case and discussion.
  • The Great Debate
    Several times a year, Dr. Gauvin will schedule this conference. He assigns teams of two residents each to debate different sides of controversial topics in General Surgery.
  Residents are responsible for:
        1) finding their own topic/patient
        2) reviewing the pertinent literature, and
        3) making their own PowerPoint presentation.


0900-1000   --  Lecture
Wednesday mornings are protected teaching times. The curriculum is a comprehensive review of basic and clinical surgical science. Lectures are given by surgical attendings and residents.

0700-0900  --  Basic Science Conference

Protected teaching time. Curriculum includes assigned readings from Greenfield, Cameron, and Mastery of Surgery.  Lectures presented by resident, with oversight from surgical attendings.