How to Refer a Patient


INPATIENT PROGRAM:  Patients are admitted to the inpatient at Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital on the basis of their potential to benefit from physical rehabilitation. Patients are referred to CRH by private physicians, medical/surgical hospitals, insurance companies, the California State Department of Rehabilitation, and other agencies serving persons with disabilities.

Each patient must be medically stable and possess a realistic potential for functional improvement. In instances when potential is not clear, the patient may be admitted for an evaluation period. Diagnoses appropriate for admission are stroke and other neurological conditions, amputation, orthopedic injuries and debilitating illnesses that require therapeutic intervention to regain

functional abilities.

If the patient is considered appropriate for services based on a physician's consultation and/ or by a Clinical Liaison. CRH's Medical Director approves the admission. A treatment plan, including medical rehabilitation goals and estimated length of stay, are developed. Once admitted, a patient's primary care physician or the hospital's staff physiatrists oversee the treatment program leading  CRH's transdisciplinary team.

OUTPATIENT SERVICES:  To refer a patient to Keck Center for Outpatient Service, contact CRH's Outpatient Admissions Office at (805) 569-8900. Patients may self-refer, but a physician's order to treat is required.

To arrange for a tour or for general information, call (805) 569-8999, ext. 2173.