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General Health Information


Dedicated to keeping our community healthy, Cottage offers the community health education, health information, and tools you need to make informed healthcare decisions for yourself and your family.

Cottage's extensive Health Library which contains more than 4,000 articles on more than 1,500 health topics, providing comprehensive coverage of health, wellness, and other medical-related topics presented in an easy-to-understand manner, from Basic to In-Depth to Comprehensive.

Also available is HealthDay News, a daily consumer health news service.

The Library also has extensive material and daily health news in Spanish:
Informes médicos de condición
Noticias de HealthDay

Watch Cottage’s Health Life, our TV programs on health issues.  Whatever you need, let be your trusted health information resource.

Reeves Medical Library at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital is the largest medical library between Los Angeles and San Francisco – and the only one open to the public.